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Important Updates:

 Welcome to the Somerset Farms HOA website.  
If anyone has any items that the Board may want to discuss / review - please email them to the attention of  pour Property Manager, Mr. Jim Curley, office@jimcurleyproperties.com .

Board Related News:
1) Quarterly HOA Board Meetings are held every January, April, July and October and our Annual HOA Member Meeting is held every September. It is important for homeowners to attend the meetings not just to be heard, but also to hear what is going on. Please come to the meetings! Your input is appreciated and welcomed. 

2) According to the HOAs’ Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions’ Article V, Section 1, homeowners must submit their Architectural plans and have the Board’s approval before beginning work. This requires a completed Architectural Application for any work they are planning to do to the exterior house or property, including any “like for like” replacements, such as fences, decks, buildings, walls, or other structures. This includes painting and repainting. Homeowners may not begin any work until they have received Board approval. Architectural Applications must be accompanied by all necessary supporting documentation, such as product information, property diagrams, specific colors and brands, etc. Please contact Mr. Curley or one of the Board Members for more details or more information. 

3) Remember, the speed limit on Somerset Farms HOA streets is 30 mph.  For everyone’s safety, please slow down and remember to keep a look out for children playing on the sidewalk.  Also, Metro Nashville has posted  reduced speed limits on Coley Davis.  The new limits have been lowered to 35 and 40 miles per hour. 

4) Please consider using the recycling facilities at the Bellevue MTA Park & Ride on Coley Davis Road.  You probably go by it at one time or another.  This facility is open 24 hrs per day!


They accept: newspaper, mixed paper, paper board, cardboard, aluminum, tin, glass containers, plastic bottles & containers.  It’s a great way to help out your community!

  •  Every ton of paper recycled saves about 7,000 gallons of water, 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity, 17 trees, and 3.5 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled forever without loss of quality to the new product.
  • Plastics are petroleum based; recycling them conserves natural resources, as well as energy.
  • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for 3 hours.  PLEASE RECYCLE!
Google  Installation of Fiber Optic Lines:   Google has finished the process of installing underground conduit for their fiber optic lines.  

Good Curb Appeal:   Thanks to the Board and our maintenance contractor for doing a great job of maintaining our front entrance in 2017.  We have one on the nicest entrances along Coley Davis and thanks for everyone who has assisted in helping to "beautify" the front entrance drive.

Litter Pick Up:    We want to continue to keep our neighborhood litter free.  If you see litter items in the street as you walk or move about the neighborhood  - that probably were left after the trash pickup - please take a moment to pick them up and dispose of them properly.  Thanks in advance for your help.    

Be Careful Around Parked Cars:   As you drive down the different streets in Somerset Farms, please be extra cautious when approaching cars that are parked on the street.  We have a lot of small children in the neighborhood and we all need to be on the lookout for potential spots where they may dart out while playing.  Thanks for your help in being a safe driver in the neighborhood.

Please Pick Up After Your Pet!   When walking your dog, please pick up after your pet when they use someone else's yard.  I know that all of the residents of SF will greatly appreciate your efforts.

Want to post something on our website:  Please contact our Property Manager to request items / notices to be posted on the Somerset Farms HOA website.  He will share the information with the Board and then forward to the webmaster.

Happy Holidays and the Somerset Farms Board wishes everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

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